Headed down to Wall Street to protest corporate greed?  Instead of buying poster board and markers for your protest sign from one of the greedy corporations you are protesting against or using earth warming fossil fuels processed by another greedy corporation to get to the rally, how about publishing an article about your favorite topic-the Class Action Fairness Act?

In fact, how about you write your article as a protest anthem or some rhyming ditty that they can use at the Occupy protests?  That would be so much cooler than class warfare!

We would love to have the CAFA Law Blog serve as an outlet for commentary on cases, articles, legislative history, or any other issue surrounding the Class Action Fairness Act that you find interesting. Just send us your submission in Microsoft Word format, and try to limit your self expression to under 600 words. 

We, of course, have to reserve the right not to post every submission we receive, and we may have to edit it a little – some jokester always seems to ruin it for the rest of us – but we’ll entertain any serious CAFA commentary. From both sides of the “v.” And your thoughts and ideas might spark other commentary. And so on and so forth, until you’re famous throughout the Blogosphere, if not the world.  And, if we publish your post, we will send you a cool CAFA Law Blog T-Shirt. Our most recent author loved her CAFA Law Blog T-shirt so much, she sent us a picture of it being used in a wet T-shirt contest.  No, we cannot share the picture with you.

Well, what are you waiting for, Mister? You’ve got some important thoughts to send our way!