List of Every CAFA Journal Article

Well, if your trip to Libya was cancelled and you have some free time on your hands, then we have something to fill it with.  How about every law journal article published after World War II regarding CAFA?

The CAFA Law Blog is your one stop shop for all things CAFA.  We listed every journal article concerning CAFA that was published after Japan surrendered to end World War II.  They are listed in reverse chronological order (which if you are from one of those law schools that is not ABA accredited it means that the most recent articles are listed first).  They are also separated by year of publication.  As time goes on, we will update this list for you.

We have hyperlinked those that you can access for free.  Otherwise, you will need to go to Westlaw or Lexis and pay them for access.  If you are the author of one of these articles and would like us to hyperlink it, please send an email to us.

If you have published a journal article and it is not listed, it means either that we could not find your journal article using basic search criteria or we just missed it.  If the reason we missed it is because of our fault, then we are sorry.  Sh*t happens.  Send us an email, and we will list the article for you.  Better yet, send us an email with a copy of your article and we will hyperlink it.

Looking for more scholarly, peer reviewed law review articles, then check out our listing of CAFA Law Review.  Click the button to the right labeled List of Every CAFA Law Review Article.  Otherwise, click Continue Reading below to see the list of journal articles.Continue Reading Lunch with Muammar Gaddafi Cancelled? Free Time on Your Hands?