McGlinchey Stafford is one of the premier law firms in the field of class action defense. Within the last 10 years, the firm has represented numerous industries in more than 100 class actions throughout the country in state, federal and bankruptcy courts, and in arbitration proceedings. In the area of consumer financial services and insurance, where we have particular experience, McGlinchey Stafford defends:

  • banks
  • consumer finance companies
  • mortgage companies
  • specialty and non-prime equity lenders
  • retailers
  • credit card issuers
  • credit insurers
  • property and casualty insurers
  • life insurers
  • consumer leasing companies
  • payday lenders
  • auto finance companies
  • insurance premium finance companies
  • service companies
  • other entities

McGlinchey Stafford is at the forefront regarding all of the complex issues facing the financial services sector.