Well, it took a few years, but the U.S. Supreme Court finally took a CAFA case:  Standard Insurance Co. v. Knowles.  As our brilliant readers already know, the Class Action Fairness Act has generated extensive litigation on damages stipulations since its 2005 enactment, but the law remains unsettled.  However, our very own CAFA Law Blog experts, Anthony Rollo, Michael Ferachi, and Kimberly Higginbotham, have summarized all you need to know about Knowles, CAFA,  and damage stipulations in a BNA Insight article entitled, "Finally! The Inaugural Class Action Fairness Act Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court and What It’s All About." You can access the article here.

The U.S. Supreme Court hear oral argument on January 7, and you can access an outstanding summary of the case and the oral argument at SCOTUSblog here.