Well, if your trip to Libya was cancelled and you have some free time on your hands, then we have something to fill it with.  How about every law journal article published after World War II regarding CAFA?

The CAFA Law Blog is your one stop shop for all things CAFA.  We listed every journal article concerning CAFA that was published after Japan surrendered to end World War II.  They are listed in reverse chronological order (which if you are from one of those law schools that is not ABA accredited it means that the most recent articles are listed first).  They are also separated by year of publication.  As time goes on, we will update this list for you.

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Michael D. Y. Sukenik & Adam J. Levitt, CAFA and Federalized Ambiguity: The Case for Discretion in the Unpredictable Class Action, 120 Yale L.J. Online 233(2011)

Larry L. Turner, Has The Class Action Fairness Act Met Expectations For Wage And Hour Employment Litigation?, 26 ABA J. Lab. & Emp. L. 439 (Spring 2011) (Editors’ Note:  See the CAFA Law Blog analysis of this article posted on November 17, 2011).

Patricia A. Seith, Civil Rights, Labor, and The Politics Of Class Action Jurisdiction, 7 Stan. J. Civ. Rts. & Civ. Liberties 83 (April 2011)

Beth M. Kramer, Scott L. Winkelman, Gloria Martinez Trattles, Jennifer E. Schlosser, April N. Ross, Joel D. Smith, Brandon G. Waggoner, Brian J. Weber, Recent Developments In Toxic Torts And Environmental Law, 46 Tort Trial & Ins. Prac. L.J. 635 (Winter 2011)

F. Elliotte Quinn IV, A Real Class Act: The Class Action Fairness Act Of 2005’s Amount In Controversy Requirement, Removal, And The Preponderance Of The Evidence Standard, 78 Def. Couns. J. 85 (January, 2011)


Heather A. Pigman, Martin C. Calhoun, Unsettling the settled: Is there a Re-emerging debate regarding the role of choice-of-law in class certification proceedings?, 77 Def. Couns. J. 465 (October 2010)

Elizabeth M. Sperle, Current Development 2009-2010: Here Today, Possibly Gone Tomorrow: An Examination of Incentive Awards and Conflicts of Interest in Class Action Litigation of 2005, 23 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 873 (Summer 2010)

Gordon N. Griffin, Current Development 2009-2010: Reinventing Adequacy: The need for standardized Regulation, 23 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 603 (Summer 2010)

Adam S. Zimmermann, Funding Rationality, 59 Duke L.J. 1105 (March 2010)


Nan S. Ellis, The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: The Story Behind the Statute, 35 J. Legis. 76 (2009)

Laurens Walker, The Consumer Class Action Bill of Rights: A Policy and Political Mistake, 58 Hastings L.J. 849 (March 2009)


Richard G. Stuhan & Sean P. Costello, Robbing Peter to Pay paul: The Conflict of Interest Problem in Sibling Class Actions, 21 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 1195 (Fall 2008)

Dwight J. Davis, Jonathan R. Chally, Zachary A. McEntyre, Frederico v. Home depot: The third circuit clarifies the removal burden for CAFA defendants, but is the burden still too high?,75 Def. Couns. J. 358 (October 2008)


Gregory T. Gibbs, Forum Shopping Through Federal Agent Removal Jurisdiction and CAFA, 86-FEB Mich. B.J. 20 (2007)

Francis X. Rapprich III and Christopher M Harne, Cutting Classes: Florida Tightens its restrictions on class action lawsuits, 81 Fla. Bar J. 8 (March 2007)

Robin R. Mocabee, Federal Practice: Central Aspects of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 86 MI Bar Jnl. 30 (February 2007)


Ashish R. Talati, J.D., M.S., RAC, The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: Changing the Class Action Landscape Circuit by Circuit, 61 Food Drug L.J. 561 (2006)

Douglas Floyd, The Inadequacy of the Interstate Commerce Justification for the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 55 Emory L.J. 487 (2006)

David L. Horan, Appealing Remand Orders Under the Class Action Fairness Act, 8 J. App. Prac. & Process 281 (Fall 2006)

David J. Kahne, Curbing the Abuser, Not the Abuse: A Call for Greater Professional Accountability and Stricter Ethical Guidelines for Class Action Lawyers, 19 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 741 (Summer 2006)

John T. Kolinski,The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 80-APR Fla. B.J. 18 (April 2006)

Shiela B. Scheuerman, The Consumer Fraud Class Action: Reining in abuse by requiring Plaintiffs to allege Reliance as an essential Element, 43 Harv. J. on Legis 1 (Winter 2006)


Christopher R. Leslie, FTC Workshop – Protecting Consumer Interests in Class actions: Article: The need to study Coupon settlements in Class Action Litigation, 18 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 1395 (Fall 2005)

Mark Moller,The Rule of Law Problem: Unconstitutional Class Actions and Options for Reform,28 Harv. J. L. & Pub. Pol’y 855 (Summer 2005)

Inez H. Friedman-Boyce, Department: Heads Up: Head’s Up On The Class Action Fairness Act Of 2005, 49 B.B.J. 6 (September/October, 2005)

Andree Sophia Blumstein, The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 [CAFA], makes two big adjustments to class action practice, 41 Tenn. B.J. 16 (April 2005)

John Stevens, The Federalist Based Imperative for Class Action Reform, 3 Geo. J. L & Pub. Pol’y (Winter 2005)

John Stevens, Securing “Steady, Upright and Impartial Administration of The Laws”- The Federalist-Based Imperative for Class Action Reform, 3 Geo. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y 361 (Winter 2005 )

2004 and earlier

David R Clay, Federal Attraction for the interstate class action The effect of Devlin V. Sacardelletti and the amendments to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23 (e) on Class Action “ Minimal Diversity” Concerns, 52 Emory L.J. 1877 (Fall 2003)

Jesse Tiko Smallwood, Nationwide State law Class actions and the Beauty of Federalism, 53 Duke L.J. 1137, (December 2003)

Natalie C. Scott, Don’t Forget Me! The Client in a Class Action Lawsuit, 15 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 561 (Spring 2002)