Adrogué, Sophia, Recent Developments In Fifth Circuit Business Torts Jurisprudence, 39 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 587 (2007).

In her annual review of the Fifth Circuit’s business tort opinions, Houston, Texas attorney Sophia Androgué features a pair of 2006 CAFA cases surely to be familiar to our faithful readers: Patterson v. Dean Morris, LLP (dealing with commencement and scope of appellate review of remand orders under CAFA) and Braud v. Transport Service Company of Illinois (another commencement opinion). In case you missed our posts (or just want to read more about the how the judges of the Fifth Circuit are dealing with CAFA issues), take a peek at Ms. Androgué’s article in the Spring 2007 issue of the Texas Tech Law Review. (Editors’ Note: for a scholarly analysis of these two cases worthy of a law review see the CAFA Law Blog analysis of Patterson posted on June 5, 2006, and the CAFA Law Blog analysis of Braud posted on May 24, 2006).