If Clark W. Griswold was taking the family truckster across the country today, the world’s largest HDTV in Dallas would easily beat out the world’s largest ball of mud on his things to see list. If you think the world’s largest HDTV inside of the Cowboy’s new stadium is tacky (because it is), you can still go to Dallas for the National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement. 

The wake of the subprime crisis and ensuing credit crunch has created new challenges for litigators and managers. This forum will provide the keys to:

·                    Responding to the increase in bankruptcy filings

·                    Defending against borrower counter claims

·                    Assessing the impact of predatory lending legislation

·                    Managing foreclosure moratoriums

·                    Prevailing in litigation.

While not everything bigger in Texas is better (like HDTVs), but this conference looks to be an invaluable experience. 

When: Tuesday, October 27 – Wednesday, October 28, 2009.

Where: The Adolphus Hotel, Dallas, Texas

How to Register: Go to: www.americanconference.com/finance/