In keeping with our promise at the CAFA Law Blog to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the world of the Class Action Fairness Act and particularly, last week’s blockbuster decision by a panel of the Eleventh Circuit in the Cappuccitti v. DirecTV case, here’s a blog post from the Carlton Fields’ Class Action Blog posted by Matt Allen, a partner in the Tampa office of Carlton Fields who also chairs the firm’s Class Action Task Force, in which he gives his opinion as to how Eleventh Circuit litigants should react to the decision: do nothing. Interesting reading.  Take a look.

Posted by D. Matthew Allen
What should parties with class actions in federal court do in light of the Eleventh Circuit’s  bombshell Cappuccitti decision? At this point, I think they should do … nothing.
The Panel Decision
In Cappuccitti, the plaintiffs sued DirecTV in Georgia federal court in a class action, alleging that their satellite TV service was improperly cancelled before the expiration of their contract period. They alleged that class members’ damages ranged from $175 to $480. DirecTV moved to compel arbitration. The district court denied that motion, and DirecTV appealed. [Read the rest of the post here.]