The Editors of the CAFA Law Blog and McGlinchey Stafford, the publisher of the Blog, offer to all of our visitors to the site our best wishes for a joyous holiday season, and a peaceful, successful and prosperous new year.
The Class Action Fairness Act was certainly the most memorable event in the class action world in 2005, and next year promises to equally intriguing. We’ve posted summaries of and the text of the decisions for almost 70 cases involving CAFA since we started last September, and the CAFA Law Blog will continue to offer the latest news of and cases related to this quickly evolving law. The Editors look forward to reporting all of the newest developments in 2006, and to providing CAFA resources to the many readers who have visited our site. As we pause during this holiday season to count our blessings, we’re particularly grateful to all of our visitors who have made the CAFA Law Blog a success in the three months since our launch.
On a personal note, as many of you know, McGlinchey Stafford’s New Orleans office was a victim of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and our New Orleans office was closed several months, and our Crescent City lawyers were displaced to our Baton Rouge, Houston and Jackson offices. We’re happy to report that McGlinchey is back in New Orleans, and the firm is up and running there. New Orleans as a city still faces difficult times as it looks to the future and the immense challenges ahead in rebuilding this great city, but the efforts have begun in full force, with widespread support. Again, we appreciate all the good wishes, thoughts, prayers and support which have been sent our way.
Happy holidays!
Anthony Rollo, Co-Editor
Hunter Twiford, Co-Editor
Lisa Stansky, Managing Editor
Gabe Crowson, Associate Editor
John Rouse, Assistant Editor
Adam Gates, Assistant Editor