Although it’s a little past the first of the year, the editors of the CAFA Law Blog have made our New Year’s resolutions, and we wanted to share them with our readers. In addition to losing (or gaining – yeah, not too likely) weight, working more (or less), spending more (or less) time with the spouse/significant other/kids/family, and the myriad of New Year’s resolutions which are quickly made, and more quickly broken, we decided to do some New Year’s resolutions for the blog. We knew that if we posted them, we’d be more likely to keep them. So, here we go:

1. Continue to post summaries of and links to every significant case interpreting the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. (We may even post some not so significant cases during the lean times.)
2. Add more posts regarding articles and publications related to CAFA (when we can secure permission from the authors and/or publishers, which hasn’t proved as easy as we’d initially hoped).
3. Launch the CAFA Law Blog “Guest Commentator Series.” We’re going to invite guest commentators – some of whom will have national reputations and some of whom won’t (at least initially) — to submit guest posts or articles on issues of interest to those who practice in the class action area. We’re also going to solicit opinions from readers who don’t mind sharing them with us to submit them, and we’ll then share those that are of general interest.
4. Launch the CAFA Law Blog “Webinar Series” on the CAFA Revolution. We’re going to invite leading national figures in the class action area, including judges, law professors, attorneys from both sides of the “v” and service providers to be presenters at seminars on various cutting edge CAFA topics, which we’re going to broadcast over the web, using high speed net access technology. Stay tuned for more details about our first webinar in the early spring.
5. Make the information from the webinars available to those who are not able to attend in downloadable, easy-to-digest “byte-sized” segments.
6. Provide even more information on seminars from coast-to-coast dealing with topics of interest to class action practitioners.
7. Add more informal posts from the CAFA Law Blog Editors, including links to other resources and blogs of interest to class action practitioners.
8. Institute regular “Reader’s Polls.” We’ll ask a question and solicit commentary from both sides of the fence, and try to open a dialogue on hot CAFA topics. If a reader has a question, send it to us, and we’ll put it out there for everyone to give their comments and opinions.
9. Solicit suggestions for improvement from our readers. Who knows – we may even implement some of them.
For those of you who may have noticed, we haven’t been quite as active posting new cases after the first of the year as we were prior to that time. Here are our excuses (it’s multiple choice):
(a) not a lot of new substantive cases have been released lately;
(b) we’ve all got lots of work (and not enough time to get it done);
(c) we used what time and resources we have had to launch several new projects which we think will be of interest to our readers;
(d) the dog ate our posts;
(e) we spent our time working on our New Year’s Resolutions; and
(f) all of the above.
Our Resolutions are ambitious and we’re going to need help keeping them. Good intentions, but the best laid plans . . . Hey, it may be easier to lose that 20 pounds!
Happy (Belated) New Year!
Anthony Rollo – Co-Editor
Hunter Twiford – Co-Editor
Lisa Stansky – Managing Editor
Gabe Crowson – Associate Editor
John Rouse – Assistant Editor
Adam Gates – Assistant Editor