Now that the fate of our favorite boy wizard has finally been revealed, are you looking for the next literary masterpiece to satisfy those late night book cravings?

Well, look no further. Enter Blawgworld 2007 – a collection of 77 thought-provoking essays written by the most influential legal bloggers around the globe. 

For those seeking adventure and the classic battles of good versus evil, read “What to Do About Racist Blogs?” If you’re looking for a quick spirituality fix, read “Fueling Lawyer Happiness.” BlawgWorld 2007 even has little informative insights on life in the legal world (which needless to say, is way cooler than the muggle world).   Good reads include essays titled “Peak or Valley? Performing a Realist and Meaningful Self-Evaluation” and “15 Rules for Clients and 17 Lawyer Tips.”

Finally, for those on the truth-seeking path of the awe-inspiring Class Action Fairness Act, see “Down Goes Frazier!” a review of the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1309, AFL-CIO v. Laidlaw Transit Services, Inc., 448 F.3d. 1092, No. 05-56567, 2006 WL 1387491 (9th Cir. May 22, 2006). It’s been conjured up exclusively by those magical attorneys at McGlinchey Stafford.

Blawgworld 2007 offers an interactive experience, so you can access hundreds of legal blogs faster than you can say “Wingardium Leviosa!” You can download the entire BlawgWorld 2007 ebook here:

Quick! Before the spoilers get leaked all over the internet.