Edward F. Sherman, Class Action Fairness Act and the Federalization of Class Actions, 259 Federal Rules Decisions — (2007).

In September of 2006, we gave you a heads up about Tulane Law Professor Edward Sherman’s article, Class Actions After The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, published in the Tulane Law Review’s summer 2006 symposium, Class Actions In The Gulf South And Beyond.   80 Tulane Law Review 1593 (June 2006).

In Sherman’s March Through CAFA, the oh-so-clever title of our previous post, we raved about the article’s comprehensive and thorough coverage of CAFA. Well, in staying with our theme, the Professor’s torch has found new ground to illuminate. In this updated and substantially expanded version of his article, he explores more of CAFA’s many provisions, provides analysis on recent cases interpreting CAFA’s provisions, and even cites to yours truly – the CafaLawBlog. He also provides insights and predictions based on his vast experience and study of class actions as to how CAFA will modify the class action landscape. And the most valuable aspect of the article, at least to this blogger, is the Professor’s plain spoken explanation of many of CAFA’s most convoluted sections.

Bottom Line: Our good friend, the Professor, certainly lit our fire with this one.