Bob Yates, Class Action Fairness Act, more than a year later, Chicago Lawyer, December 2006, at 54 .

“The trends are visible,” Rollo said, “but we’re still only in the first or second inning of a nine-inning game.” What could our fearless Editor-in-Chief be referring to? A Nor’easter blowing up the East Coast?…A Category 5 churning in the Gulf?…Nooo – the Class Action Fairness Act, of course. This article out of the Chicago Lawyer reviews the short history of CAFA, and provides differing perspectives on CAFA’s impact by interviewing class action experts with varying backgrounds. The article reviews the events leading up to passage of the Act, an overview of the Act’s mechanics, and a debate over who will benefit, and who will suffer, from CAFA’s enactment. Which is where we pick up Anthony again. What does he think CAFA’s effect has been? “The net effect of CAFA is like Goldilocks. Not too good for the plaintiff, not overly detrimental to the plaintiff, just right so far – although I would put an arrow pointing in favor of defendants as to who has benefited most from CAFA.”  With colorful analysis like that – Cantore – you better watch your back.

Bottom Line: Interesting review of CAFA’s impact thus far – sprinkled with takes on CAFA from experts across the country.