Philip Stephen Fuoco & Joseph A. Osefchen, Leveling The Playing Field In The Garden State: A Guide To New Jersey Class Action Case Law, 37 Rutgers L. J. 399 (2006).

Hey – you’re not dealing with a couple of jamooks here. This couple of good fellas from the neighborhood give their fellow class action practitioners a taste by summarizing every class action decision ever handed down in New Jersey. Working for the family (of NJ class action practitioners), these soldiers described their plan as: “It was the authors’ intent to locate every reported New Jersey class action decision, and as many unreported class action opinions as feasible. To provide context, we combined this research with a brief history of the class action device. In doing so, we found that studying the historical use of the device helps to place modern arguments in perspective.” Such dedication will almost certainly set them up to take the Omerta – the gateway to becoming a Wiseguy.

Bottom Line: Gotta respect the usefulness if you are in waste management or practice in New Jersey. Outside of the neighborhood – you know, maybe you don’t waste your time.

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