Robert M. Langer, Timothy A. Diemand, Kim E. Rinehart, Class Action Fairness Act of 2005, 41 Ark. Law 18, Winter, 2006.

It seems everyone is trying to get up to speed on the Class Action Fairness Act.  (Of course, the easiest way to do it is to be a regular reader of the CAFA Law Blog.)  This article attempts to do just that for its readers by concisely covering the many provisions of the Act in an almost bullet point fashion.  After a brief introduction to the rationale and impetus for CAFA, the article briefs CAFA’s expansion of federal diversity jurisdiction, CAFA’s modifications to removal of class actions, and the Consumer Class Action Bill of Rights.  Although somewhat abbreviated, the article makes up for this lack of depth by providing at least a sentence on each exception and unique provision. The article concludes by providing its reader “Areas to Watch,” including an often overlooked but soon to be litigated issue, CAFA’s sections regarding the settlement of class actions.

Bottom Line: Good introduction to CAFA, but if you know her already, it’s not required reading.