Ashish R. Talati, The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: Changing the Class Action Landscape, Circuit By Circuit, 61 Food & Drug L.J. 561 (2006).

Although Chris Farley and Julie Andrews dashing through an open meadow – hand in hand – harmonizing “these are a few of my favorite things” would be intensely entertaining (at least to us), the Food & Drug Law Journal couldn’t muster such a meeting. Those of us who are members of both Farley’s and Andrew’s fan clubs, of which there is a surprisingly high number, are again left downtrodden and depressed – something the Food & Drug Law Journal probably could help with.

I forgot, what were we doing here…oh yeah, an article about the Class Action Fairness Act. This article serves its purpose, providing a primer on CAFA for readers of the Food & Drug Law Journal. The article reviews CAFA’s principle provisions and summarizes the big name cases. But don’t expect to finish feeling inspired – you’ll need to up your dosage of Prozac for that.

Bottom Line: We are high on life (we promise that’s all), so we’ll pass on this one.