Register for the PLI’s 15th Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute and choose your location. PLI is offering its annual conference in 5 live locations and on line. During this conference you will:

·                    Get the latest information on proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency and regulatory restructuring;

·                    Identify the activities and industries that have become the focus of State Attorneys General;

·                    Survey the types of lawsuits being brought against mortgage lenders, credit card issuers and other financial services providers; and

·                    Explores recent developments in class action, credit reporting and collection, arbitration and bankruptcy.

The 38 member faculty includes leading attorneys in the consumer financial industry and attorneys who hear your cases. Sign up now to attend at

What: 15th Annual Consumer Financial Services Institute

Where and When:  New York City (February 18-19, 2010); Cleveland, Philadelphia and Pittsburg groupcast (February 18-19, 2010); Live Webcast (February 18-19, 2010); and Chicago (April 8-9, 2010).

How to Register: Go to or call 1-800-260-4PLI.