Do you know the way to San Jose? Who cares! You need to go to La-La Land to schmooze about the Class Action Fairness Act at the 3rd Annual Conference on Class Actions in Los Angeles this January, sponsored by CLE International.

By day, learn the nuances of class action practice, including how to talk to the media without making an ethical blunder, discovery, trying cases, certification, and, of course, CAFA itself. By night, try to get a seat at some swank place. Google “hipster scene in Los Angeles,” and find out for yourself.  

Getting back to business, day two of the seminar takes on securities class actions, consumer class actions, a view from the bench, wage and hour class actions, a mediator round table and claims administration. Program co-chairs are Michael D. Braun and John P. Stigi, III.

So, mark your calendars for January 25-26, 2007. For more information, go to