Okay, may be it will not shape your life, but it will shape the future of ERISA strategies for leading litigators and in-house counsel.

If you register by or before July 17, you can save$700 off the conference price ($1495 instead of $2195) by quoting “discount code CAFA”

American Conference Institute’s Premier Forum on Defending and Managing ERISA LITIGATION will take place on October 19-20 at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel in New York City. Click here to go ACI’s site which contains the agenda.

The event features a faculty of leading outside litigators and 28 senior in-house counsel from:

ACE INA * Aetna * AIG * Aon * AT&T * Bayer * Boeing * Bristol-Myers Squibb * Chubb * Crawford & Co. * CSC * Con Edison * Fidelity * Goodyear * Honeywell * International Paper * JCPenney * Lowe’s * MetLife * Pitney Bowes * Procter & Gamble * Sunoco * TJUH * Unum * Wachovia * Wells Fargo * W.R. Grace

Plus, 21 federal judges from district courts located in 8 circuits will help you convey ERISA complexities to a court. HEAR FROM:

Hon. Janet Bond Arterton          Hon. Julian Abele Cook, Jr.

Hon. Patrick J. Duggan                         Hon. Fernando J. Gaitan, Jr.

Hon. Kim R. Gibson                  Hon. Robert C. Jones

Hon. Algenon L. Marbley          Hon. Larry J. McKinney

Hon. Stephen J. Murphy, III       Hon. Rebecca R. Pallmeyer

Hon. Denise Page Hood            Hon. Peter G. Sheridan

Hon. Alexander Williams, Jr.      Hon. Raymond L. Erickson

Hon. Robert J. Johnston             Hon. Stephen Wm. Smith

Hon. Roger B. Cosbey              Hon. Janice M. Stewart

Hon. Lisa P. Lenihan                 Hon. Viktor V. Pohorelsky

Hon. Robert E. Payne

To register: www.AmericanConference.com/ERISA or call 888-224-2480. 
If you register by or before July 17, you can save $700 off the conference tuition price ($1495 instead of $2195) by quoting “discount code CAFA”