Chicago is the City of Broad Shoulders, so feel free to don that power suit for the Practising Law Institute’s “Federal Civil Practice Update 2006: Important New Developments and Strategies,” at the University of Chicago on November 13, 2006.  If you go, make sure you go a day early and enjoy some brats and brew while you watch Da Bears take on the New York Giants at Solider Field on November 12, 2006.  Get your Bears tickets here

The University of Chicago is a heady place, so it is only right that they pack a serious amount of information into a one-day program. Hopefully, you will not have overindulged at the game the day before. 

The day includes sessions about jurisdiction, discovery (including electronic discovery), Rule 11, privileges, ethics, and a session on CAFA. The CAFA segment includes an overview, discussion about retroactive application, information about evolving legal strategies in response to the statute,  interlocutory appeals of class action certifications, and comparisons of Bears’ QB Brian Griese to his famous father.  Okay, we are just kidding about the last one.

While you are in Chicago, ponder our favorite question about Chicago, one of our favorite cities.  If they can dye the Chicago River green every St. Patrick’s Day, why can’t they dye it blue the other 364 days of the year?

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