With the posting of Patterson v. Dean Morris, L.L.P., 444 F.3d 365 (5th Cir. March 24, 2006) on June 1, 2006, the CAFA Law Blog has now posted 100 (yup – exactly 100 – count ‘um if you don’t believe us) case summaries of opinions construing and interpreting the Class Action Fairness Act.  That’s a bunch of cases in the short period of time since the February 18, 2005 effective date of CAFA and even less since we went live on September 6, 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  That means we have provided our readers with 100 opportunities to educate themselves (and ourselves) about the statute itself, understand how the courts have construed CAFA, and hopefully, maybe even have a laugh or two.  We’ve certainly had at least our fair share editing the blog and coming up with the titles and some of the commentary.  So, join us in raising a glass to celebrate this small milestone along our journey of documenting and commenting on the Class Action Fairness Act.  We plan to post hundreds more!  – The Editors