Let’s face it!  The Cubs will not go to the World Series again. I know this isn’t a sports blog, but we’re just sick and tired of the same old Cubs, year in and year out. Goats, Bartman, Old Style? When will it end? There’s always next year (been saying that since 1909)!!

But we digress, the real reason to go to Chicago in October is to hone one’s skills in Automotive Product Liability. From October 29-30, 2008 you can learn all you can stand regarding Asbestos Friction Product Claims, Challenging Causation Experts, and Defeating Cases Built on Junk Science. We agree with our colleagues at American Conference Institute, there is simply no room for error in defending and managing these claims.

What is it: American Conference Institutes’ Defending and Managing Automotive Product Liability.

Where is it: Sutton Place Hotel, Chicago, IL.

When is it: October 29-30, 2008

How do you sign up:  Click here or visit our marketplace page and click on the ACI logo.