If you’re like us – and whether you admit it or not you probably are – you watched the Vice-Presidential debate with bated breath. You were just waiting for Biden to crush Palin on the subprime market. Or, for Palin to remind Biden how it was his fault the entire subprime crisis began in the first place. Unfortunately, neither occurred and all we were left doing was scratching our heads. Who won anyway?

Rest assured, all your questions regarding subprime litigation and enforcement will be answered at American Conference Institute’s third annual Subprime Litigation and Enforcement Forum. That’s right, THIRD ANNUAL! Who even knew the problem was going on that long?  Well, ACI did, that’s who.

What you’ll learn: Defense strategies in servicing litigation, working with the “new” plaintiffs to reduce exposure in municipality and community lawsuits, prevailing in stock drop, inadequate disclosure and securitization claims, solutions in busted deal litigation, and strategies for keeping legal costs down during times of increased litigation.

Stop wasting time, sign up today. The conference takes place October 28 – 29, 2008 in beautiful New York City at the Millennium Broadway Hotel right next to Times Square and ABC’s studios. If you get up early enough, you can be on Good Morning, America. See Diane Sawyer in person…an opportunity not to be missed.

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