IQPC eDiscovery: Examining eDiscover issues from Legal, IT, Compliance and Records Management Perspectives

I left my Laptop in San Francisco (think Tony Bennett while singing this tune).

I left my laptop in San Francisco
High on a hill, general counsel calls to me.
We must produce a copy
Climb halfway to the stars!
The IT Department can help me
Boy I better care!
Because my company is sued in Federal Court
Where they might send me to the electric chair
For failing to produce evidence relevant to a tort,
Damn to hell the rules for e-discovery!

I promise you will not be subjected to mock songwriting as lame as this if you go to IQPC’s e-discovery seminar coming up April 27-29 at the LeMeridien, San Francisco. Instead, you will be provided with the latest info on responding to e-discovery requests, outsourcing document production, dealing with data discovery and how to avoid the electric chair for pissing of a Federal Judge (Hey, I practice in Texas, it is not totally inconceivable).

To sign up, go to And tell them CAFA Law Blog sent you and you will receive a 15% discount.