Shame on you!  You thought there would be a picture of a wet T Shirt, didn’t you?  Sorry!  If you came here in the hope of seeing a picture of a wet T Shirt, you are going to have to click here.

So, why did we mention a wet T Shirt?  Because if we publish a post you author on the Class Action Defense Act, we will send you a really cool CAFA Law Blog T Shirt to wear.  If you decide to wear it to the Wet T Shirt Contest during Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale, that is up to you.

Just send us your submission in Microsoft Word format, and try to limit your thoughts to under 600 words. We, of course, reserve the right not to post every submission we receive, but we will entertain any serious CAFA commentary…maybe some not so serious commentary too. With your help, we hope to provide a forum for open commentary on this revolutionary new law that is changing the way class actions are litigated in America’s court systems.

Don’t forget to send us your T Shirt size!