We all know that the CAFA Law Blog is one of the Top 100 Legal Blogs in the country; however, we need your help in making the American Bar Association understand that the CAFA Law Blog is one of the best blogs in the land, so we can post the headline above and really state it with authority, because right now, the headline is just our prediction.  And opinion.  How’s that for a disclaimer?

To continue with the shameless self promotion: for over 5 years, we have brought you the inside scoop on all things CAFA. We have summarized over 500 cases in over 800 entries, many of which featured our own special brand of smart-assed irreverence. We have endeavored to be the "one stop shop" for CAFA – your CAFA Supermarket, if you will.  Some legal blogs are basic rants about clients and opposing counsel or the latest tech gadget that will streamline your practice or our personal least favorites, the personal musings of the leftist (or rightist) blogger with no connection whatsoever to the law but that the blogger happens to also be a lawyer.  In contrast, the CAFA Law Blog cranks out substance with humor. After all, what other legal blog can combine scholarly CAFA analysis with a wet T-shirt contest?  Or use song lyrics from George Thorogood and the Destroyers to explain a circuit court decision?  Or make up the facts of a case when the real facts are so mind-numbingly boring that we couldn’t even finish reading the decision ourselves (and hey, we even like CAFA).  Or put together your summer reading lists. We could go on and on . . . and often do.

Now, we have a favor to ask of our readers. The CAFA Law Blog is in serious contention for this year’s ABA’s "Top 100 Legal Blogs" award.  We would really appreciate it if you and your friends and any others in your firm who might read the CAFA Law Blog would log onto the ABA site and fill out the brief nomination form.  The ABA seems to be putting a very high premium on multiple nominations from around the country in its deliberations, so your nominations certainly ought to be helpful.

The link to the nomination is http://www.abajournal.com/blawgs/blawg100_submit/  It should only take a couple of minutes to complete the form.  The deadline is Friday, Octobe 1, 2010, so get off your butt and submit your nomination now.  You will feel better about yourself after you do it.  And so will we.  Feel better about you, that is.

Seriously, thanks for your support and loyalty, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the CAFA Law Blog for as long as the courts continue to publish opinions on the Class Action Fairness Act, some of which are right, and some of which are clearly "WTF," and others of which are "NWAF."  We’ll continue to try to figure out which is which so you don’t have to, whether you vote for us or not.