Oh, ye of little faith. Like your dead beat cousin who manages to bum some money at every family event, like the possum that keep rooting through your garbage, like that Wiggles song you heard on the way to taking your kid to school and now can’t get out of your head.  Asbestos Never Dies! And a sigh of relief by plaintiff and defense attorneys alike can be heard across the nation.

If you want to learn how to combat the new wave of asbestos litigation, attend ACI’s “Expert Strategies for Litigating, Settling and Managing the New Wave of Asbestos Claims.” The seminar will take place May 15-16, 2008 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. As for the cousin, hey, he is family, what can you do? The possum, get a cat to scare him away. As for the Wiggles, there may be no relief from “Hot Potato Hot Potato” stuck in your head. 

Register at www.americanconference.com/asbestos.