Jeez it’s hot. I mean really hot. How hot is it? So hot a room full of lawyers would feel right at home. In case you haven’t heard, the climate is changing.

How do we know? Al Gore told us so. But the inconvenient truth is that even the erstwhile ex-veep cannot say how global climate change will affect the other landscape – the one populated by liability issues and government regulations. But there are people who can, and they will burn any hydrocarbon necessary to make it to the American Conference Institute’s Advanced Forum on Climate Change Liability in New Orleans.

Hear the latest insight on greenhouse gasses – insert joke about post-lunch panels here – and the plaintiff arguments about damages and corporate conduct that will arise from them. Learn how to limit litigation risks. Get a grasp on the impact of regional initiatives and watershed cases. And then catch a flight out of town before the sea levels rise.

WHEN:            November 29-30, 2007

WHERE:          InterContinental Hotel, New Orleans, LA