April 15 & 16, 2008, Flatotel (And yes, I spelled that right) New York, New York

Alright everybody, join hands, let’s sing together. You too Mr. Gore:

Have I been sleeping?
I’ve been so still
Afraid of crumbling
Have I been careless?
Dismissing all the distant rumblings
Take me where I am supposed to be
To comprehend the things that I can’t see

Cause I need to move
I need to wake up
I need to change
I need to shake up
I need to speak out
Something’s got to break up
I’ve been asleep
And I need to wake up

I am not just singing the words to this song because I have been working on an appellate brief for the last 400 hours and ate a big BLT sandwich for lunch. No, I am signing the theme from an “Inconvenient Truth” because ACI conveniently scheduled its Pollution Liability Insurance Seminar in April in New York. 

Ahh, springtime in New York. As it begins to reach 90 degrees in Houston (my dear city), it will just be getting nice in NY. Hear top underwriters, brokers, product managers and other experts discuss recent issues affecting pollution liability insurance coverage. That is enough to get Melissa Etheridge singing and Al Gore dancing.

Now that the words to this song are firmly stuck in my head, I encourage you to register by clicking here or going to www.americanconference.com/pli.

P.S. Turn off those extra lights. Save the planet. You know who you are.