For the first time our friends at American Conference Institute are hosting a seminar on managing and resolving mass tort products liability claims. This conference is one that should not be missed as it discuss how to resolve mass tort products liability claims. An unparalleled faculty of the most experienced in house counsel, jurorsist, and top law firms from around the nation.

“Bet-the-Company” claims are becoming more and more prevalent. When safety of a company’s products are called into question, these companies are faced with difficult questions such as-how do the effectively resolve the matter? Is it more beneficial to settle, despite the possible negative impact of such presenant? Is full litigation the answer, though costly and time consuming? Learn how to assist your client answer these questions at the seminar.

Also, at the seminar you will learn:

·                    How to handle complex class actions and multi-district litigation;

·                    How to minimize the threat of medical monitoring and plaintiffs recruitment;

·                    The steps for compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA);

·                    The best methods for selecting and affectively utilizing expert testimony;

·                    When to turn to ADR Proceedings in the contact of mass tort products liability claims; and

·                    The ethical requirements of conflicts which stem from the resolution of claims plus much much more.      

            What:                           Managing and Resolving Mass Tort Products Liability Claims

            Where :                       The Hemsly Park Lane Hotel, New York, New York

            Dates:                           September 29, 2010 –Thursday, September 30, 2010

            How to register: