Plane crashes and the suits that result are ubiquitous now a days with the increased number of persons owning or co-owing private planes. The commercial airline industry continues to strengthen its safety standards, but they keep getting sued. How can you help? How can you position yourself to be the go-to lawyer when it comes to aviation litigation? First step, attend ACI’s Premier Forum on Defending and Managing Aviation Litigation.

The Forum will feature a faculty of the leading outside defense counsel in the industry, 11 renowned jurists, and 24 distinguished in-house counsel and claims officers from leading commercial and private aviation companies.

Practical information will be given regarding Forum Non Conveniens, choice of law, investigations, preservations, admissibility of other incidents, Daubert challenges, and more

What: ACI Premier Forum on Defending and Managing Aviation Litigation

When: June 23-24, 2009

Where: Hyatt Regency Boston, Boston, Massachusetts