If there is one thing attorneys are good at it, it is self-aggrandizing pats on the back and giving awards to ourselves. This is what took place, as well as a generous amount of libation, at the Second Annual Bloggies which took place in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Saturday March 7, 2009.

The Bloggies followed a day of meetings during which things like the economy (boo) and billable hours (double boo) were discussed. So the CAFA LawBlog team was ready to have a little good natured fun when the Bloggies rolled around. Gathering at the Foundation Room was most of the editorial team of the CAFA LawBlog except those that had to go take care of their families (Geez, don’t these folks know lawyers don’t get to have a family life).

Sadly, one of the founders of the Blog could not join us as he was hosting the sweet 16 of his daughter. While his co-workers were drinking on his dime, Anthony Rollo was managing a room full of girls getting manicures and pedicures. I have a suggestion for the next year’s Bloggies…how about doing it over pedicures? Everyone would be more relaxed? Plus, word on the street is that a couple of CAFA Law Blog analysts have some seriously ugly feet. I’m just saying.

The awards were handed down by the other founder of the CAFA LawBlog, Hunter Twiford. Hunter is a Mississippi litigator, a legend in his own mind. He carries that smooth southern drawl that would give Foghorn Leghorn a run for his money. But the man can hold court teaching the art of making the perfect Grey Goose, dry, bruised with a twist martini. Evidence was generated that the ladies love a man with a southern accent pontificating on the finer things in life, especially if the man is buying drinks.

Note to readers: These are not attorneys that work for the CAFA Law Blog or McGlinchey Stafford. McGlinchey Stafford does not endorse or condone the activities depicted in the picture. In fact, McGlinchey Stafford does not endorse, condone, or even admit knowing, Hunter Twiford.

Regardless of the frivolity, we did get down to business and give awards to the hard working Bloggers who write the posts that liven up the days of more than 34,000 readers a year. 

The Blogger of the year award was given to Stephanie Tolson who wrote the following legal scholarship you might recall:   News Flash: NY District Court Says Laptops Cause Mad Cow Disease; Korn to Ralph Lauren: Your sheets Suck! and Insurance Wars Episode II-or is it really Episode V-the-Decider Strikes Back.

Upon accepting her award, Tolson said, “I have been an attorney for nearly 20 years and sadly, this is the pinnacle of my career.”

The following list is the rest of the awards recognizing some of the best posts of the year. All of our bloggers deserve a round of drinks (which they got) for the hard work they do. In these posts, the bloggers made fun of Jesus, Allsatate, Hawaiian sex and raccoons while actually giving some insight into CAFA and class action practice. 

Who said being a lawyer can’t be fun?   Blogging is not billable, largely anonymous and even embarrassing at times. But, being a part of the  CAFA Law Blog allows a diverse group of attorneys in offices across the country to come together in New Orleans drink a little, relax a little, and get away with making fun of the partners in the firm to their faces without getting in trouble. Who could ask for more!





CAFA is BOOTYlicious! The Curious Case of Levy v. Keystone


Jamie Seymour

Best Rip Off of Bad Movie Titles

You’re in Federal Court with Allstate


Stephanie John

Best Suck-Up to an Entire Industry

Evil Corn: CAFA Horror Tale. The Little Story of Webb v. Riceland Foods


Jamie Seymour

Best Horror Musical

Jésus Hates Federal Court. Really, He Does.


Jon Wilbourn

Most Likely to Exile Author to Hell

Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian, CAFA Style


Lisa Munyon

Best Foreign Language Post

CAFA PowerPoint for Firm Annual Meeting


Ravi Sangiestty & Heather LaSalle

Best Satire of CAFA Law Blog

“Rabid Racoono Bites Shopper at Home Depot!” Screams the Headline of the Daily CAFA Inquirer. After All, Inquiring Minds Want To kno


John Rouse

ASPCA / PETA Animal Abuse Award

CAFA Wet T-Shirt Contest


Michael Ferachi

Best Commercial Use of Sex

Sorry, Chad, You Might Have CAFA Jurisdiction, But You’re Still a Ding Dong!!


Dylan Tuggle

Most Likely to Have Dream Date with Chad the Ding Dong


– News Flash: NY District Court Says Stolen Laptop Causes Mad Cow Disease

– The Critics Are Right: Video Games Are Dangerous To Your Health

– Korn to Polo Ralph Lauren: YOUR SHEETS SUCK!

– Insurance Wars: Episode II (or is it really Episode V: The Decider Strikes Back


Stephanie Tolson

MVP Award