Think of it as a spa day – or, depending on your sensibilities, as CAFA boot camp – for your class action practice. You can jet to New York City for this one-day seminar that promises takes stock of CAFA’s first year. The event is slated for Saturday, June 27, 2006, so you can do what you’ve probably always hoped for – make the Class Action Fairness Act a significant part of a Big Apple weekend.  The IRS will probably approve, but be sure to check with your tax adviser first.


According to the agenda, “Class Action Fairness Act: One Year Later,” promises to highlight the law’s hot spots, with sessions addressing CAFA’s imprint on specific areas, including mass torts, and class actions in the areas of consumer finance, employment discrimination, and antitrust law. Participants can take a look at the numbers to see if the law has forced any changes in forum-shopping. One segment is devoted solely to key questions as to when an action is “commenced” under CAFA. Find out what the experts think about whether the burden of proof has shifted in removal practice, and how the law’s settlement provisions will affect the complexity and cost of litigation. Finally, the panelists take on CAFA’s interlocutory appeal provision.


Event co-chairs are Joseph M. McLaughlin of Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett LLP and Professor Linda S. Mullenix of the University of Texas School of Law. You’ll convene at the Yale Club, Darlings.


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