How often does this happen? The plaintiffs file a class action lawsuit. The defendant moves to dismiss. The district court rules. The aggrieved party appeals. The appellate court decides, sua sponte, that it didn’t have subject matter jurisdiction in the first place. Both sides file petitions for rehearing, and both make very similar arguments as to why the appellate court is wrong. Not your ordinary, everyday occurrence in the class action litigation world, but then, Cappuccitti isn’t your ordinary, everyday class action case.Continue Reading More on Cappuccitti: Plaintiffs file petition for en banc rehearing, saying Eleventh Circuit incorrectly interpreted CAFA.

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The Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) recently turned to our very own Anthony Rollo to provide

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While we don’t always agree with Mr. Base (mostly on the Whopper v. Big Mac debate), the man was dead-on when he waxed-philosophic with E-Z Rock in his treatise “Ruminations on Compulsory Joinder”—a/k/a “It Takes Two.”  See it here.

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Navigating the Minefield: Lessons of Figueroa v. Sharper Image and Defense Counsel’s Guide to Settling Coupon Based Class Actions After CAFA, 15 No. 8 Andrews Class Action Litigation Report 1. 

In their article, David L. Aronoff and Saul S. Rostamian offer suggestions to defense counsel regarding how to successfully structure coupon-based class action settlements post-CAFA.Continue Reading To Avoid Rejection, Make Sure Your Coupon Has All the Trimmings!