As we here at the CAFA Law Blog paused from the hustle and bustle to reflect on what the holiday season means to us and what we’re looking forward to in the year ahead, we thought you might enjoy (or at least endure) our take on an old classic. Consider the cases at the end like that fruitcake your neighbor brings you every year–you might not really want it, but you know you’d miss it if we didn’t deliver it.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the firm,

CAFA bloggers were sighing, “It’s been a busy court term.”

The posts were all finished and up on the site

So we could all kick back with some eggnog tonight.


When what to our Westlaw-peering eyes should appear

But more cases mentioning CAFA, the statute we all hold so dear.

On removal, on remand, on summary judgment or dismissal,

On joinder, on discovery, that CAFA’s a pistol.


Not worthy of a full post, this rhyme’s just a teaser;

We’re providing you the cases to read at your leisure.

From the district court level on up to appeal,

We know you just can’t contain your CAFA-related zeal.


Our holiday wish is quite simple, it’s true,

We’d like an appellate court cite to the Rollo, Twiford, Rouse CAFA law review article or two.

Might Judge Posner be the Santa to deliver that gift?

We’ll await next year’s opinions and post here, sure and swift.


This fall had a deluge of CAFA opinions,

Now we’re ready for a holiday break from being blogging minions.

Thank you for your readership and visiting our site,

Happy holidays, happy new year, and to all a good night.


As promised, you are welcome to read these Not Ready for Prime Time CAFA cases:


Grynberg v. Grey Wolf, Inc., et al, no. 07-CV-01742 (D. Co. 2007);

Lantz v. American Honda Motor Co., no. 06-C-5932 (N.D. Ill. 2007);

May’s Distributing Co., Inc. v. Total Containment, Inc., et al, no. 06-CV-702 (2007); and

Weitzner v. Scitone, Inc., no. 05-CV-2533 (E.D. N.Y. 2007).